Activate Your Intuition with Astrologer Kathy Rose

For more than 30 years, Kathy Rose has trained thousands of people to activate their natural intuitive abilities. Kathy is also a highest honors Graduate of the Master's Certification Astrology Course with Noel Tyl and has a thriving international astrology practice.

You have Intuition - everyone does!

And it can be activated - to enhance and empower your life...every day.
The trick is knowing HOW to tap Intuition WHEN you need it. How to use your innate psychic senses "on command" in practical life.

In this 3-DVD set, Kathy Rose leads you, step by step, into the exciting world of intuitive development. Techniques and methods inspired by the "FREE SOUL" course.

You'll learn to:

DVD 1: Developing Skills for a Solid Foundation : 1 hour 24 minutes

DVD 2: Opening Your Psychic Senses : 1 hour 31 minutes

DVD 3: Expanding Your Unlimited Ability : 1 hour 12 minutes